Welcome to the Salaita Team!

We are a multidisciplinary research group focused on the areas of materials, biophysical and biological chemistry. We develop chemical tools and materials to control and understand biology. Our weekly meetings are open to the public. Please join us. 

Group Meeting: Fridays, 3-5 pm, presentation schedule

Subgroup 1: Motion-based sensing, Mondays, 11 am, office

Subgroup 2: Catalytic Nanoparticles, Tuesdays 4 pm, office

Subgroup 3: Synthetic Muscle: Wednesdays 11 am, office

Subgroup 4: Mechanochemistry & mechanobiology, Thursdays 4 pm, Atwood 270 

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  Khalid Salaita

Khalid Salaita


           Lab Members

         Lab Members