PostDoctoral fellows


Jing Zhao
North Carolina State University, Ph.D.
Zhejiang University, B.S.

Kim Clarke
Georgia Tech, Ph.D.
Mercyhurst University, B.S.  


Graduate Students


Victor Ma
B.S. Hong Kong Baptist University

Jessica Petree 
B.S. University of Georgia

Joshua Brockman
B.S. Ohio State


Roxanne Glazier
B.S. Washington University

Hanquan Su
B.S. University of Science and Technology of China

Aaron Blanchard
B.S. University of Texas


Nusaiba Baker 
M.S. Johns Hopkins University

Alisina Bazrafshan
B.S. Sharif University of Technology

Dale Combs
M.S. Middle Tennessee State University


Brendan Deal
B.S. Davidson College

Yixiao (Smile) Dong
B.S. Wuhan University of Technology

Kevin Fish
B.S. University of California, San Diego


Anna Kellner
B.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Rong Ma
M.S. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Allison Ramey
B.S. Virginia Commonwealth University


Jacob Yi
B.S. Emory University

Julia Eisman Emory University

Julia Eisman
Emory University

Kelly Jones Emory University

Kelly Jones
Emory University




Dr. Zheng Liu. Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Molecular Sciences at Wuhan University
Dr. Weiwei Zheng, 2012-2015, Now an Assistant Professor in Chemistry, Syracuse University (email: )


Dr. Kornelia Galior, 2013-2017, Clinical Chemistry Fellowship at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (email:
Dr. Yang Liu, 2010-2016 Postdoc fellow in Taekjip Ha's Lab, Johns Hopkins University (email:
Dr. Yuan Chang, 2010-2016 Research Scientist at Alcon Laboratories
Dr. Yun Zhang 2010-2016 Direct of Mass Spec core at Si Chuan University
Dr. Carol Jurchenko, 2009-2015, Now a Scientific Editor at the Research Square
Dr. Kevin Yehl, 2009-2015, Now a Postdoc in Lu Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (email:
Dr. Daniel Stabley, 2009-2014, Now Microscopy Director at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Dr. Yoshie Narui, 2010-2013, Now a Postdoc in Sotomayer lab, The Ohio State University (email:
Dr. Yue Ding (joint with Physics), 2014, Now Scientist, Pacific Biosciences, Menlo Park, CA


Mengzhen (Edward) Fan, 2013-2015, Now a Ph. D. student in Brown Lab, Chemistry, University of Oxford, UK
Sam Druzak, 2014-2015
Kevin Gale (SURE research program), 2014, Now a Ph. D. student in Bioengineering, Duke University
Ian Bolin, 2012-2013, Now in Dental School, Columbia University
Rohan Prabhu, 2012-2013
Deep Chandegara, 2010-2011, Now a MD student, University of Southern California
Charlene J. Chan, 2009-2012, Now a Ph. D. student in Denic lab, Harvard University
Alexander Hong (postbac), 2011-2012, Now a pre-medical post-baccalaureate, California State University
Kevin Harrell, 2009-2012, Now a MD student, Emory University
Stephen Marshall, 2010-2012, Now a Ph. D. student in Clemons lab, Caltech


Maranatha Genet, 2015
Grace Thomson, 2015
Jeffery Yang, 2014
Katie Vogt, 2013