6/2016 - Nature Methods highlights Victor’s paper with article titled “PCR for cellular forces”!

5/2016 - New tool: Ratiometric tension probe to study forces at cell-cell junctions! See in Nano Letters

5/2016 - First T cell receptor tension sensor is highlighted by Chemical & Engineering News and by Emory Science Commons!!

5/2016 - Watch 2 min youtube interview describing our latest results studying T cell mechanics! 

4/2016 - Roxanne Glazier receives the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!! Aaron Blanchard receives honorable mention!! 

4/2016 - Yang Liu’s paper on T-cell mechanics is accepted in PNAS!

4/2016 - First example of catalytic amplification to readout piconewton forces. Victor’s paper appears in Angewandte Chemie

4/2016 - Native chemical ligation and solid phase peptide synthesis to make tension sensors! Yuan’s paper goes live in JACS 

1/2016 - First example showing the use of catalytic nanoparticles for treatment of acute inflammation in heart disease! Paper appears in Biomaterials!

11/2015 - Kornelia’s paper accepted in Nano Letters!

10/2015 - We are on a roll - Zheng’s & Yang’s paper is accepted in Nature Methods

9/2015 - Jessica Petree receives ARCS fellowshipand Kornelia Galior receives the Quayle award! Good job! 

8/2015 - Kevin’s paper is accepted in Nature Nanotechnology! Stay tuned!

8/2015 - Daniel Stabley’s much anticipated real-time TIRF nanometry paper is now accepted in Nature Communications! Congratulations!

8/2015 - Dr. Weiwei Zheng moves to Syracuse University to start as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Best of Luck! We will miss you!

8/2015 - Lab goes on an extreme zip lining trip. We’ll post some pictures soon.

7/2015 - Congratulation to Dr. Kevin Yehl on an excellent thesis defense!

5/2015 - Carol’s review article is published in Molecular and Cellular Biology!

5/2015 - Yun Zhang wins a best poster prize at the GRC on  Fibronectin, Integrins & Related Molecules in Italy. Nice work!  

5/2015 - Khalid receives an NIGMS equipment supplement to acquire a multicolor Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscope (FLIM) system.

4/2015 - Josh Brockman receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and Jessica Petree receives honorable mention! Congratulations! 

1/2015- Hanquan Su joins the lab! yay! 

12/2014 - DNA tension probes are highlighted in Nature Methods

9/2014 - Josh Brockman and Roxanne Glazier (BME program) join the lab! WELCOME and best of luck! 

9/2014 - Yang’s paper on patterned tension sensors is accepted in Nano Letters! Congrats! 

9/2014 - Yun’s paper on DNA-based tension probes is accepted in Nature Communications! High five! Work also featured in Nature Reviews Molecular and Cell Biology and Chemical & Engineering News!

5/2014- Khalid receives the Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award!! 

4/2014 - Biophysical Journal paper is highlighted in C&E News! [Check it out

2/2014 - Lab welcomes three new graduate students: Jessica Petree, Mingda Zhang, and Victor Pui-Yan Ma!  

1/2014 - NSF-CAREER, NSF-IDBR, and NSF-EAGER proposals are all recommended for funding! Nice work team!

1/2014 - Carol’s paper, “Integrin Generated Forces Lead to Streptavidin-Biotin Unbinding in Cellular Adhesions" is now accepted in Biophysical Journal! Congratulations!

1/2014 - Weiwei Zheng’s paper "Quantum dots encapsulated within phospholipid membranes: phase-dependent structure, photostability, and site-selective functionalization" is now in JACS!! 

1/2014 - Our tension sensors are highlighted in Nature Methods “Special Feature: Methods of the Year 2013: tiny tools to measure force

12/2013 - The first Atlanta Area Molecular and Cellular Biophysics Symposium was a huge success! Over 170 attendees! Special thanks to the group for all their help!

3/2013 - Kevin Yehl receives NSF EAPSI award!!

3/2013 - Yoshie Narui selected to attend the 2013 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany!!

2/2013 - Khalid selected as a 2013 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow!

2/2013 - Daniel’s paper in Integrative Biology is highlighted on the back cover! 

2/2013 - Daniel’s paper is accepted in Integrative Biology! Congratulations! 

12/2012 - Proposal for Nanoscience Research Program at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS) is approved to support Yoshie’s project.

11/2012 - Charlene’s work is highlighted on the cover of the Journal of Chemical Education.

11/2012 - Carol and Daniel’s work is mentioned as part of the “best young inventors in America” on Forbes.com

9/2012 - Kevin’s paper appears in ACS Nano! Congratulations!

9/2012 - Carol and Daniel are headed to Washington DC as finalists for 2012 Collegiate Inventor’s Competition!!  

8/2012 - Charlene’s manuscript appears in the Journal of Chemical Education! Congrats!

6/2012 - Lab officially acquires Nscriptor system (press)

4/2012 - Weiwei Zheng joins the lab as a postdoc after completing his Ph.D. from FSU --Welcome to the Salaita lab!!! Also congrats to Weiwei for winning best thesis award.

4/2012 - Lab receives R01 grant from NIH-NIGMS !!!

2/2012 - Lab receives seed grant through the NIH-NHLBI Program of Excellence in Nanotechnology (PEN) center. 

2/2012 - Welcome to Yun Zhang and Yuan Chang who have joined the lab as first year graduate students.

1/2012 - Khalid’s Author profile appears in Nature MethodsPDF

12/2012 - Work from the lab listed as one of the top ten science stories of 2011 at Emory.

12/2012 - Yoshie’s paper appears in Chemical Science! Congratulations Yoshie! PDF

12/2012 - Group research highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News.

11/2011 - Daniel Stabley, Carol Schumacher, and Stephen Marshall's paper appears in Nature Methods!! Congrats!

October 2011- Charlene Chan's Mole Day pinata highlighted at eScienceCommons. Fun!

October 2011 - Khalid gives invited seminar at Georgia Tech Nanotechnology Research Center

Aug 2011 - Khalid gives invited seminars at NanoKorea 2011 and Seoul National University

Aug 2011 - Stephen Marshall awarded independent research grant from SIRE

July 2011 - Alexander Hong joins the group as a postbaccalaureate researcher

May 2011 - Congratulations to Charlene Chan for winning the 2011 William Jones Scholarship!!!

May 2011 - Khalid attends the 2011 GRC on fibronectin, integrins, and related molecules

April 2011 - Congratulations to Charlene Chan for winning the Undergraduate Poster Award and to Deep Chandegara for winning the Hypercube Outstanding Physical Chemistry Student award!!

April 2011 - Kevin Yehl is interviewed by The Chronicle of Higher Education and talks about communicating science to the general public

April 2011 - Lab receives University Research Committee funding for 2011 grant cycle

April 2011 - Kevin Yehl receives Honorable Mention on his NSF Graduate Fellowship Application

March 2011 - Come see Charlene and Khalid give talks at Spring ACS meeting in Anaheim, CA.

March 2011 - Congrats to Charlene Chan for winning Chemistry Department ACS travel award!!

February 2011 - Welcome Yang Liu as a first year graduate student in the lab!!!

January 2011 - Khalid gives seminar at Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fl

December 2010 - Come see Kevin Yehl and Khalid Salaita give talks at the 2010 SERMACS Meeting in New Orleans!

October 2010 - Congrats to Charlene Chan and Kevin Harrell on being accepted into Phi Kappa Beta (photos).

October 2010 - Khalid gives invited talk at Nanoink Workshop at Georgia Tech Nanotechnology Research Center

October 2010 - Yoshie (photos) and Daniel (photos) give posters at Winship Cancer Institute Research Symposium.

August 2010 - Congratulations to Kevin Yehl for GAANN Graduate Student Fellowship!!

August 2010 - Khalid gives talk at Q-bio conference in Santa Fe, NM

August 2010 - Welcome Carol Schumacher as a grad student into the lab!

July 2010 - Charlene Chan and Stephen Marshall awarded independent research grantsfrom SIRE !!!

June 2010 - Khalid gives invited seminar at NSTI conference in Anaheim, CA

May 2010 - Welcome Yoshie Narui and Stephen Marshall to the lab!!!

April 2010 - Khalid Salaita receives a Cancer Research Award from the Georgia Cancer Coalition.

March 2010 - Kevin Harrell receives a SURE award to conduct summer research. Congratulations Kevin!!

March 2010 - Khalid gives seminar to Emory School of Medicine Division of Digestive Diseases .

March 2010 - Manuscript appear in Science along with a Perspective article!!!

March 2010 - Nscriptor DPN System arriving into our lab!

March 2010 - Come see Daniel Stabley's presentation at the Spring ACS meeting in San Francisco!

February 2010 - Khalid gives Winship Cancer Institute Elkin Seminar.

February 2010 - Welcome Kevin Yehl into the lab!!!